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During day trip to Sigulda you will ​get to know why this small Latvian town is called "Latvian Switzerland". You'll see all famous Sigulda sights and hear a lot of interesting stories and legends related to local inhabitants. There is reserved time for lunch (meals doesn't included in the price of tour) during the tour.

Sigulda is one of the beautiful towns in Baltics. In 2014 Sigulda was named as 3rd Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination in a poll with over 46.000 voters given by and GlobalGrassfopper. Nature has endowed Sigulda and its surroundings with picturesque landscape over Gauja National Park, but dramatic history has left here a lot of footprints that have become the significant tourist attractions nowadays. Nature and history - two main reasons why Latvians and tourists from all over the world love Sigulda. The best way how to appreciate beautiful Sigulda is to go there and see everything by your own eyes, to ride down the bobsleigh and luge track, to feel the magic and warm of the "sun stone", to learn how to fly like a bird and view the River Gauja primeval valley from the height or to taste the national cuisine in some authentic atmosphere.

Day trip to Sigulda it is a whole day on open fresh air that could improve your well-being, health and mood and bring you many positive emotions.

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