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During day trip to Rundale palace you will ​get to know how ambitious could be people and what is the price they are forced to pay for that. You'll see the unique well-preserved baroque palace-ensemble in Baltics with its authentic interiors and regular-french park. 

Nowadays Rundale is called "Latvian Versailles" and that is true without doubt. Château de Versailles inspired the architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli to create here among Zemgale's plains something special, something that has never seen before, something that upcoming generations will admire and name as the "Pearl of Baroque and Rococo". Rundale Palace it is not only the fascinating interiors and the rich collection of pieces of art, it is also interesting history of people and their habits of 18-19 centuries.

Day trip to Rundale it is a day that you will spend among luxury and splendor, among roses and the shady alleys of the garden. This trip could be interesting for both art-lovers and ordinary people, who love the life with all its variety of characters and its counteracting circumstances.

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Dirige da molti anni la rivista Riza Psicosomatica e i suoi studi e il suo lavoro psicoterapeutico si sono orientati nel campo delle malattie psicosomatiche. Spesso diversi fattori si uniscono, giocano un ruolo importante: