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During Old Riga guided tour you will get a first acquaintance with the city. You'll see all famous Old Riga sights and hear a lot of interesting stories regarding city and its inhabitants. At any time we can make a small break to have a cup of flavored coffee or tea, or if you have a wish we can visit some viewing point or gift shops.

Riga is one of the oldest cities in Baltic. Riga was founded by German bishop more than 800 years ago, in 1201. For a long time Riga was a settlement of traders and craftsmen, and trading was the source of wealth for its residents. Ancient trading routes were crossing the place where Riga was founded, and this fact was the primary reason for other nations to conquest the city and land around it. Around 350 years governors in Riga were German catholic archbishops and knights of Livonia order. Then in 1558 Russian tsar Ivan IV the Terrible began the long Livonian War, after which Riga for 40 years became the part of Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. However, in 1621 Gustavus Adolphus II of Sweden conquered the city, and nowadays the 100-year-long governance of swedes is called "Swedish Times". In the beginning of 18th century another Russian tsar Peter I the Great annexed the city along with a huge territory he conquered during the Great Northern War to Russian Empire. For next 200 years there was established the period of peace. In 20th century, after the WWI the independent state of Latvia was proclaimed in Riga, and the city has become a capital of the new state. During 20th century there was many ups and downs, but Riga is still alive and continue developing.

Today Riga is one of the biggest cities in Northern Europe. There are a lot of historical, architectural, cultural monuments and places of interest. Since 1997 the historic center of Riga has been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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