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Cesis (old german name - Wenden) is one the oldest towns in Baltics. The name "Wenden" for the first time was mentioned in chronicles already in 1206. Initially "Wenden" was the name for the castle crusaders built at the top of unapproachable rock. Castle was built of stone blocks, has several towers and was the most fortified castle in medieval Livonia. For some period of time Wenden was the main castle-residence of the head of Livonia Order, and had influence on many aspects of life in whole Livonia.

The history of Cesis (Wenden) is exciting and at the same time it is full of dramatism. The decline of the power of Wenden begun in 1577. The town of Wenden was besieged by troops led by Russian tsar Ivan IV the Terrible. Inhabitants of the town didn't want to give up alive, because they knew why people call Ivan IV as the Terrible. And inhabitants decided to blow up themselves inside the castle.

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