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Jeni Ltd. is a Latvian-German joint-venture company founded in 2008. The main purpose of the foundation was popularization of Latvia as the new best vacation destination. Our international team consists of experienced people who love travelling, travel a lot, and are ready to share all accumulated experience to our clients.

Our tourist guides have all necessary certifications and licenses and improve their knowledge and skills on regular basis by attending professional development courses and conferences. We offer a bit more than just sightseeing tours with the sequence of sights, we offer a way how to feel the world around. We believe that viewing the sights per se doesn't make people happy, however people have pleasure of cozy atmosphere surrounding them. And we are working to provide you this unforgettable environment filled with unexpected surprises that you will remember for a long time. The slogan of Latvian Tourism Development Agency (TAVA) is "Best Enjoyed Slowly" and we totally agree with it. Nowadays the speed of life increases significantly, and there are no more time for "enjoying the moments". Let's keep calm and spread your vacation time as much as possible by filling the day with new experience.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leading tourist operator in Baltics that offer tourism and travel-related services, contribute to development and popularization of the region as the best place for rest.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer high-level tourist services to our clients by applying "slow-travel" principles. We offer safe, comfortable and friendly environment for travel. We inspire our clients to get more positive emotions and experience.

Our Values

  • Clients. We value our clients as partners. We involve our clients into discussion and allow them to decide on every aspect of our┬áservices that is aimed to improve them by bringing fresh point of view and experience.
  • Quality. we offer high-level services. Our people are experts and they've thought of everything.
  • Positive thinking attitude. All things couldn't be bad, there always is something you are amazed about.
  • Partners. Our partner suppliers share our point of view on travel and are ready to adapt to clients needs and wishes.
Sopra a questa soglia, il livello di appagamento non cambia. Negli ultimi anni, infatti, la percezione del sesso si sta decisamente modificando: